Susanne's gentle, caring approach to yoga and her soothing voice encourage restorative healing of spirit, mind and body.  After 40 years of yoga practise, I am learning "less is more".  Susanne is an absolute blessing!

 – Karen


"I have been enjoying the cumulative benefits of Susanne's Gentle Yoga Therapy classes for the past 4 years. I love her caring compassionate manner, and recommend her to anyone searching for a gentle transformative 'less is more' approach to managing or eliminating physical and emotional tensions or pain and looking for more balance in their lives".

 – Ingrid Goodall, Project Assistant 


A “beautiful person” inside and out. Susanne is a truly gifted yoga instructor. I have attended her classes for several years and find them to be inspiring, therapeutic and always relaxing. I leave each class having learned something new about yoga and about myself. I am so grateful to her met her, for her teaching and for her friendship.     
– Lisa Maximuk


Before I became a yogi, like many people stillness and softness were not second nature to me in my day to day life, in fact they were unsettling. Movement and difficulty were the norm. A number of years ago, I experienced a shift in myself and needed inner guidance… Sometimes when we need a new teacher they just show up in our lives. So it is and so it was with Susanne. I have been attending her yoga classes for over five years and in that time I have learned how to be in yoga. Every class revealing a new perspective of being in self and bringing awareness to now. The inner journey and physical journey are one and the same. Her approach to sharing the teachings of yoga encouraged me to further my studies of yoga at the age of 60 by taking yoga teacher training. I could not think of a better compliment to a teacher than to influence others to want to further their studies more and share, at an age where others might think it unlikely. Much gratitude to Susanne for past, present and future classes.

Shanti, shanti, shanti,
 – Carol Moffatt


Susanne is a gentle soul with a deep and intuitive understanding of the holistic perspective. She is keenly aware of how ones physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health all contribute to one’s overall well-being, and how vital that well-being is to a life well-lived. Susanne is a warm and caring part of our community and an exceptionally skilled healer/yoga practitioner.  

– Laura Dupont


Susanne, your therapeutic yoga classes are helping me develop a deeper awareness of "feeling into"  my body....of where there is tightness, tension, contraction that I didn't realize was there. Your gentle manner helps me feel safe and supported as you invite us to notice and allow ourselves to undo some of that holding. I find myself carrying this into daily life....noticing when I am unconsciously tensing and consciously asking myself......can I allow this to soften and relax. Thank you for your beautiful voice and presence and love as you skillfully guide us to help ourselves to heal.

Much love

- Angela


Susanne, you are the most amazing yoga therapist. When I come to your class you seem to focus on all my needs even though I never mention what they are. You are so in touch and I am grateful for that!

- Jennifer Longmore


Thank you for all the help with the healing yoga techniques, your wisdom and knowledge about the human body, your soft voice brings much comfort and also your devotion in helping your students to heal and grow. I thank you sincerely for it! Feeling so much better.




I became acquainted with Susanne and her method of therapeutic yoga over a number of group sessions. She has guided me to an understanding and an appreciation of many energies that act in my body. Susanne neatly reminds us that we are part of our planet in all its seasons. I wished to further explore some of the ideas from class, and booked a few private sessions. Susanne, whose vocabulary ranges from Einstein to Jung to gardening to children, lead me through to understanding and activating systems deep within.  She describes tiny fibers and universal concepts with words that are clear and complete with eloquent mental pictures.  

Susanne is a gifted teacher of yoga in both group and private classes. She brought me on a journey of self discovery through the energies that are life itself. Susanne does this in a folksy way that is both gratifying and interesting.  In a private setting Susanne will soon identify paths not to follow, and be able to work with you respecting your individual needs, expectations, and present levels.  I was fortunate to work with Susanne in order to further explore moments from her group class. I am particularly grateful for the book she brought to class, visuals are helpful to my understanding of this new and wonderful field.

Susanne has practiced yoga from a young age; it has blossomed into a love and a passion she brings to her profession. And the will to continue learning; we ended one class with research projects to confirm that knowledge from deep memory banks was indeed accurate. 

Susanne has a gentle talent for placing her client comfortably between the vastness of the sky above and the dirtiness of the earth below. You walk away from a session with Susanne with energy that has been renewed, or newly found in the form of serenity, gratitude, and joy.

-M. Gendron